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Digital Invoicing from Authorize.Net is a FREE value-added service that gives businesses a simple and fast option to bill any of their customers with an email address, allowing them to accept digital payments securely online, even from mobile devices.

Invoices and payments are tracked through the Authorize.Net portal together with all other payment activity. When your customer clicks the invoice, they are taken to a secure payment form hosted by Authorize.Net, which helps to keep your business PCI DSS compliant. Invoicing is a native feature on the Authorize.Net platform that works out of the box with no additional customization required.


NO Set Up Fees

NO Cancellation Fees

FREE Tech Support

FREE Virtual Terminal

FREE Online Reporting

FREE Recurring Billing

FREE Invoicing

FREE Tokenization CIM

FREE Developer APIs

FREE Cart Integration

Benefits of Invoicing

  • Native integration – no configuration required or extra, third-party software

  • Free online invoicing – no extra charge or higher transaction fees

  • Customers can easily pay from mobile devices

  • Track invoices and payments in the merchant interface

How to use Invoicing?

Create the Invoice

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at

  2. Click Tools from the main toolbar.

  3. Click Invoicing in the main left side menu.

  4. You will see the message: There are no invoices found. Click here to create an invoice. Click on the link.

    • If an invoice has been previously created, you will see a list of your Invoices. Click on the Create Invoice link in the upper right-hand corner of your invoices.

  5. On the Create Invoice page, enter in all the required fields in Red

  6. Click Send.


Customer receives Invoice.
Customers receive a mobile-optimized bill that can be paid securely from any device.


Managing Invoices
The Invoicing dashboard makes it simple and easy to review the status of every Invoice. Businesses can easily resend, or cancel, any invoice, and review which have completed payment.


Key Features

  • No integration required – Start sending invoices without any development or customization.

  • Responsive design – Allow customers to easily view – and pay – from any device.

  • Multiple payment methods – Accept both credit cards and eCheck.

  • Discounts – Include custom discounts for any invoice.

  • Reporting – Review the status of every invoice in the Authorize.Net portal.

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