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Your Authorize.Net Gateway offers enhanced fraud prevention tools accessible through the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite for an additional $5.00 per month.


The Authorize.Net Fraud Detection Suite benefits merchants by providing them with powerful tools to identify potentially costly fraudulent transactions while strengthening the security and reliability of their payment gateway account. Merchants have the ability to customize filter settings to match their individual business needs and control how the payment gateway handles suspicious transactions, including the ability to hold a transaction for manual review.


NO Set Up Fees

NO Cancellation Fees

FREE Tech Support

FREE Virtual Terminal

FREE Online Reporting

FREE Recurring Billing

FREE Invoicing

FREE Tokenization CIM

FREE Developer APIs

FREE Cart Integration

There are Settings within your Authorize.Net Merchant Interface that allow you to control the AVS and CVV systems:

  • AVS – Enter your customer’s billing address through the Virtual Terminal or from your Web site, and the system will compare it to the address the card issuer has on file. Therefore, if someone is trying to use a stolen card to buy and ship items to a false address, this illegal activity will be detected and stopped before it occurs.

  • CVV – This is the Visa/MasterCard system involving a 3-digit number printed on the back of the credit card near the signature. It is used during authorization when the credit card is not present during the transaction.

  • Suspicious Transaction Filter – Detects highly suspicious transactions using proprietary identification criteria and transaction behavior analysis.

  • Amount Filter – Allows merchants to set lower and upper transaction amount thresholds, restricting high-risk transactions often used to “test” the validity of credit card numbers.

  • Velocity Filter – Limits the total number of transactions received per hour, preventing high-volume attacks common with fraudulent transactions.

  • Shipping-Billing Mismatch Filter – Identifies high-risk transactions with different shipping and billing addresses, potentially indicating purchases made using a stolen credit card.

  • Transaction IP Velocity Filter – Identifies excessive transactions received from the same IP address per hour, isolating suspicious activity from a single source.

  • Authorized AIM IP Addresses – Allows merchants submitting Advanced Integration Method (AIM) transactions to list server IP addresses that are authorized to submit transactions.

  • IP Address Blocking – Allows merchants to block transactions from IP addresses known to be used for fraudulent activity.

Please enroll in AFDS directly within your Authorize.Net Merchant Interface during activation of your account or after your Gateway is set up.

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